Orchestra Conductor



All volunteers of the HIMC 2021 will work online. There are two main divisions of volunteering: Main coordinating and PR volunteers. Training will be provided. Main responsibilities include:

Vice Presidents/Main coordinators (1-2 people)

  1. manage emails

  2. organize entries/contestant spreadsheets, prepare for judge screening

  3. manage competition logistics, take care of mistakes or audio/video problems

  4. Manage sound check and dress rehearsals


PR (3-8 people)

- Sponsorship Coordinator

  1. Flyer making

  2. Reaching out to different companies

  3. Help working with sponsorship plan

  4. Create benefits- t-shirts, banners,... 

  5. Need to have strong writing skills, interpersonal skills, and creative


- Outreach

  1. Reach out to high schools and middle schools orchestra and band directors

  2. Possible cold calls, mostly emails

  3. Research lots of schools, try to expand to beyond Texas

  4. Need to have strong writing skills and not afraid to reach out to people


- Social Media Coordinator

  1. Design social media posts

  2. Post social media posts at scheduled times (preferably once per week at least)

  3. Write all posts, written length based on platform (Twitter- short and sweet, hashtags; Instagram- a little longer, mostly image/post based; Facebook- longer, and mostly written based


All volunteers of the HIMC 2020-2021 season will work online. All rules of eligibility are as follows:

-Applicants must be age 15 by January 1st, 2021

-Volunteers must commit at least 2-3 hours per week, minimum 2 weeks per month

-The HIMC will interview and select candidates they feel will represent the HIMC and have the qualities most fit for volunteering with the HIMC.

-Accepted volunteers must go through a 1 hour orientation, specific instructions sent via email.

-All applicants must fill out the form. Please contact Competition Director, Catherine Wu at cwu@himc.us, if you have any questions or concerns.

Volunteer Application

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon for an interview.