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Notes on the Romantic Era

Spring has finally arrived! Please follow along on our Social Media Manager's, Jerry Zhang's, take on the Romantic Era and how it has influenced classical music today!

The Romantic Era was a stylistic movement in art, literature, and most importantly music. Lasting from the 1830’s to the early 1900’s, the Romantic era rejected the enlightenment and emphasized emotion and nature. Compositions became incredibly expressive and started incorporating new techniques such as chromatic harmonies, rubato, and thematic transformation. New forms of music were also pioneered, such as the Nocturne which was most famously utilized by Frédéric Chopin. Other famous composers of this era include Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and Mahler. Ludwig van Beethoven founded the Romantic era, creating new rules for sonatas and symphonies. With music being more passionate, so emerged the virtuoso, brilliant musicians who could both play and compose music at an ascendant level. The most famous virtuoso was Liszt, and right after him was Chopin. The Romantic era was one of the greatest periods of musical history and compositions from the era are still enjoyed by people worldwide to this day.

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